Music for Cassandra by Maciek Szymczuk

40 minutes is a mighty gesture when it comes to the format of the music composed. It's about the right size and it gives plenty of opportunity to enjoy even the most sophisticated and elaborate sounds to the extent of something lasting.
Maciej Szymczuk, polish artist who is very active within the area of ambient, post-techno, psychodelic voyages and sound art experiments with plenty of other genres.
When I listen to Maciek's productions it always beats me how much you can pack into an album with so much differential creative processes and yet give it a feel of something more than just a repeated clichee of particular genre.
It is more than just that. He is into creating the whole concept idea which brings me to mention the current one which is an old myth of Cassandra. Death, walking into her footsteps somewhat elevated to the level of very intimate experience which we all encounter at some point, but also our age helps us to acknowledge this even at larger scale.
Ambience of electronics and subtle beats - they all contribute to the fact that the album's ethereal atmosphere has plenty to reveal listening after listening after listening - a great asset if you ask me.