24​.​3​.​16. by DOC WÖR MIRRAN feat. Re-Drum & Sascha Stadlmeier

An impressive list of 148 by Doc Woer Mirran is also a great testimony to the transition between post punk indie DIY genre towards more improvised blend of post-industrial psychodelic drone ambient that the collective represents now.
This record is a result of one day improv session which includes Emerge's Sascha Stadlmeier and Russian drone artist Re-drum. Put nicely into two parts of the vinyl album with primitivist design makes you feel like dealing with self-defining artists who break boundaries of genres in an unassuming, natural way.
Prepared instruments, electronic bleeps, delayed percussive flaps, guitars and bass in a new tuning mode - these are just tools but the outcome is more than just an improvised jam.
There is definitely a nice progression here - using small details to make you feel like you are entering something larger - great soundtrack to anything you can imagine - steadily building up the tension and setting up the climax of harmonies and themes into quite frankly, an unforgettable piece.