Union Of The Supreme Light by My Cat Is An Alien and Jean-Marc Montera

My Cat Is An Alien combine forces with legendary French Corsican guitar player Jean-Marc Montera.
Embedded with their usual self-made electronics and all sorts of trickstery, spacey sounding and not obvious introduce the lyricism of Jean-Marc guitar and Roberto Opalio's vocal textures.
The whole album sounds like a trippy space jam but with a rigour of a compositional (mis)direction that brings both a natural force of open form music and something that has a narrative of a great soundtrack.
Three compositions that might feel foggy at times but they definitely don't feel like an amassed weight of chaos - rather an intuitive driven voyage that is both disciplined and evocative.
This is a sound poetry but not the type that is embalmed in smoking mirrors of sound art - rather than that we get a melancholy and uniqueness of a real-deal psychodelic space voyage. A tale of two worlds - the one you leave and the one you yearn for.

Link to the album on the bandcamp page