Caluskov 102 - Natura Non Facit Saltus

Once in a while I tend to review cds from the domain I honestly say I don't know much about or artist who are rather difficult to classify due to being genuine or being on a stage of their career where their style is still evolving and trying to find its ow way towards their individual formula.
And here we are with Caluskov 102 and their debut cd. 
On one hand you have a bedroom DIY ethos of a synthpop homemade psychodelia. On the other hand you have a duo of two young people just having fun with a paradigm of evolving smooth cut synthedelia. 
I had a hard time with finding the right context to it apart from feeling that it's a very intimate, unobtrusive and naive also in a very beningn way. It has all the potential to become a very fine clean cut synthpop project. For now let's just enjoy the mood of the sways and grooves.