Vindodo by Tonga Boys

Vindodo is the second outburst of beautiful energy from Peter Kaunda, Albert Manda, Solomon Nikho, Mylius Minthall and Guta Manda. A choir and drumming make a dense tissue of interesting and energetic contents of their songs which are supported in mix by Piotr Dang and Czarny Latawiec(Daniel Brożek) who make their second output more universal in terms of music as an experiment and bringing it out of the ethnic niche towards more open form of musical expression.
Displacement, migration  and encountering oddities and strangeness of the life paths are the main themes of the songs presented here. The title track takes us away to the forest path haunted by some entities. The opening track is the invitation to the party honouring the stranger. Another track "Nakhla Nekha" is a song expressing sadness of loosing contact with a loved one by just hearing the phone signal. There is a bit of hopeful expression and coming to understand that only hard work can change our fate in "Ndipatali"
Released by Polish label 100hz in an interesting silver plastic bag - second album of Tonga boys brings us to understanding what is real Africa like and not only through understanding the hardships of economical nature or a cold anthropological study but also by understanding the way to find the spiritual and emotional catharsis through music and creative activity by defining your own genre.
With all the hashtags that this great album can be labelled with - the predispositon to understand the boundaries by crossing them is the key to fully absorb the energy of it.

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