Revolutions In The Head by The Stone Tapes

The Stone Tapes is the project of Ninah Pixie and dAS from Big City Orchestra, Edward-Ka Spel from Legendary Pink Dots, Frans De Waard and Philip Knight.
A mix of interesting and accomplished personalities can be a tricky terrain but the whole album is a gem. Starts with strong synth lead in "Trapped in the Wall" - a good start - then moving on to hauntological narrative of voices and prepared sounds with a bit of radio waves in the next track.
"Groundbyte" is pretty noisy track of sound sculpture - abstract and raw.
"Late 4 Assembly" is somewhat magical arpeggio of wonder - lightweight and sounding like a trance soundbox.
These are but a few of the tracks that open up a great album where all the participants nicely jumble up different pieces of the puzzle they create collectively.
A souvenir, a gem, something that is both rare and unique enough to be remembered more than well.
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