Guiding Lights "New Ways to Feel Bad"

What's the recipe for something honest and genuine yet melodic and unpretentional?
Seems obvious yet can be a rare find.
Get three people in a shape of a classic power trio formula. But make sure they hadn't been lousy slackers making up for the sake of "image" Make sure that they know what they are doing by recording songs which are not too long to bore you off. Close to the emblem of pop punk n'r roll which was established long time ago by Pixies, Sonic Youth, The Shaggs for instance. Following that - you can record your music at the studio, but make sure it has a distinctive harsh lo-fi sound quality - not too much but just keep this corrosive stain as an open wound.
To spice things up open the album promo with a video that is both absurd and funny with a gritty title "Nothing ever's gonna be all right". Bottoms up! Enjoy!