India Czajkowska& Kuba Lasocki "Borderline"

India Czajowska has been composing music for quite a while proving herself to be a musical chameleon - circling between experimental music, modern classical, chamber music, sonorous soundscapes and ambient music mixed with trip hop and great voice of hers.
On her newest album she proves to co-ordinate all those tiny elements into a precious amalgam that can be used in a versatile way being a soundtrack for a nice evening in a lounge, something that is more of meditative nature and helps some spiritual voyage, a good songwriting to keep you amused, a soundtrack for a movie or a proposal for a modern enthusiast of modern classical ambient music. All those fall in place - she knows how to orchestrate it all and with studio work of the musicians she had at her disposal - the language of her music is enriched, doesn't feel like a copy of a copy...
Elusive as she is - she has also a very firm grip on what she is doing. That is a proof of a great, strong personality and great vision.