What a joy to get the veterans of hometaping underground like Slavek Kvi and Phillip B. Klingler to work with Sascha and Gerald.
4 way split seems like a natural way of putting things together when you have artists working on the verge of post-industrial electroacoustic genre soaked in field recordings, found sounds plunderphony, electronic noisy manipulations.
A planned collective composition at its best with a sure hand of all four artists working together.
AMT played by PBK is a rough noise collage of sharp edges and an old school feel of acousmatic porous surface but done with light weight approach and genuine approach to the crude sound matter.
AMT played by Gerald Fiebig is different in tone - has a minimalistic ambient feel to it but again with hisses and splurge of little details circling around. A more of a meditation on sound in the tradition of minimal music.
PBK played by Artificial Memory Trace is a great surprise. By any means it holds up with the rest of the tracks and falls into electroacoustic genre but there is smething beautifully haunting about it. A quality of a rare occurence - somewhat of a conceptual approach put into the glorious framework of a psychoactive trip into the world of magnified micro-sound.
And finally PBK played by Emerge is a coda to the whole set - starts almost inaudibly but develops into mystery of the drone ambient, without any rush, evolving slowly and leaving the listener with a thirst for more.

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