Henry David’s Gun - Tales from the whale's belly

Henry David's Gun is a band created by Wawrzyniec Dąbrowski who was active in other bands - Letters from Silence, Frozen Lakes, Nocne SuperSam.
Derived from singer songwriter tradition Henry David's Gun is a cloud of condensed cloud of poetic silence wreathed on the stone tablet near sea shore's cliffs. The nature, mystery, dwelling on self-insight is a deep inspiration for this nicely designed record.
Acoustic folk with some twist - that's the general idea for Henry David's Gun aesthetics. but is it really worth to use just the classification to judge someone's efforts?
There is deeper trail related to how this cliche folk genre dwells in those songs.
A sense of life's fragility and re-discovering your Self after life struggles lives here definitely. The songs are melancholic and both razor sharp accurately arranged and composed by three of the band's members.
The album can be both treated as a narrative for every day rituals and something that takes your mind away and astray. It helps to heal and console, it's non-intrusive and a good means to transport your mind into a different realm. 


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