ZENJUNGLE - Fragmented Lives

"Fragmented lives" is a third release from Midira records. Zenjungle is the alias of Phil Gardelis with a little bit of help from friends - Nima Aghiani on violin and Babis Coltranis on drum cymbals.
Beautifully released as a 12" clear vinyl brings on a meastry of subtle, serene even composition a a Greek artist who uses variety of idioms and leaves them all behind at the same time - drone ambient, jazz, soundtrack music all folded in one quality unit - divided in two parts.
The scintillating melancholy takes a lead in the first part slowly evolving into harmonious tones of Phil's saxophone and his electronics. It slowly moves on to a more dramatic hi-fidelity resolution of drone, even doom mirage of perspiring voyage.
Excellent album.