Rito by Rito

Rito in Esperanto language means "ritual".
3 drummers and 3 percussion sets plus one guitar player cannot go amiss.
Piotr Pawlak on guitar whom you might know from Łoskot, Kuba Staruszkiewicz, Michał Gos and Jacek Stromski on drums and percussion played this set live.
Improvised but not necessarily used to create overblown intellectually music event which sets boundaries between what's possible and achievable through a line up like this and limitless imagination of the musicians who lay out a highly sophisticated hologram of experiment, form, function, intensity and energy that they create.
There is a great deal of poly rhythmical propulsion and experimental guitar wizardry - sometimes intense, sometimes quiet and ambience profusely imposed on the listener who is always at risk feeling engulfed by a sense of danger and tension.
Difficult to classify yet I can feel Crash Worship or Glenn Branca as the instant resemblance with an echo of rhythmadelia from 1990's underground which quite frankly doesn't have any equal compatriot these days.
Great trip.

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