Requiem by SYNCHRE

Synchre is Luca Canciello and Lorenzo Brusci both artists with huge and long-standing experience in both visual and sonic arts whose affiliations, and versatility is rather difficult to put into a short bio.
Almost a 40 minutes piece "Requiem" is a white knuckle ride into a world of phantasm - dynamic fuzzy idm glitch blend of ambient and quasi syncopated beats/structures and ambience created as a utility that brings you on the edge of your seat. Very dramatic and unpredictable narrative which could easily be a soundtrack for a dystopian future happening now.
The structures here are rich, deep and luscious. Both artists work really hard to make it really dense.
If you like idm glitch related music in an unorthodox sauce of Derridian symulacra book your ticket now.



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