At The Still Point Of The Turning World by Joana Gama I Luís Fernandes

Joana Gama and Luis Fernandes from Portugal have just released their new material on Australian Room40 label of Lawrence English.
And what a great album it is!
First track starts with rhythmical thumping that introduces the post-classical charade derived from both sonorous free-improv and and candescent sound of acoustic piano, strings and trumpet slowly marching towards finale.
T.S. Elliot's poem "Burnt Norton" brought the title of the album and you can definitely read between the poetic lines here with measured temporal gestures and twists and turns of the rhythmical panopticum.
A gentle pulse of determined movements both deeply dramatic and existential which is rare in music these days and especially achieved through a deep measure of means, well-thought composition structures and unusual forms of expression.
A rare gem!

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