THE EX - 27 Passports

The Ex is a Dutch band which has a career spanning over 40 years - with ever changing, ever evolving style from primitive post-punk to more ethnic and improvised inclined materials. It's always been a workshop, a stable which meant a starting point for all the musicians to develop their own careers, styles, musical pursuit and then to come back and enrich what was the output in the later years - all the solo releases or collaborative releases of the individual members prove that.
Another important factor to their music is the fact that there is a strong DIY punk derived ethos which makes all this combo really not competitive and surprisingly relaxed when it comes to personal charades and pursuits. Which is still going...after all these years.
The new vocalist Arnold gives a fresh spirit to this experimental ethnic free improv punk spirit that they have sustained over the years. Katherina's drums have their own life to it all as always and harmolodic and yet simplistic guitars of Andy and Terrie build beautiful structure, drama and the whole narrative. Refreshing, yet not that surprising yet helping to understand the sustained quality of their work. Well done, veterans!!!