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Brasil and The Gallowbrothers band - The Nasielsk Incident

Mirt, T.E.R and Dominic Savio are coming back after a quite long hiatus.
Times when Catsun was active releasing the numerous materials of all the members of Brasil are long gone but through an ardous process of clear crystalising the craft and the ideas for musical shape - the new album is not merely a revisit but a nice invitation to understand how the whole set up can work together.
Swathed in delay and reverbration, a unique mix of post-rock and new wave sensitivity along with synths, field recordings, voice overs and whispering vocals are the tools to achieve something that might have been an easy deal - to compose a set of songs.
But to get lost into abstract tissue of psychodelic, strung from subtle improvisations can be quite an easy feat.
They all are more experienced now, a proverbial Weltschmerz is distanced from itself by the means of a sure hand professionalism. It's elusive and wonderfully haunting as ever. Juicy with a narrative of something lost and melancholical. …

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