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78_4​-​1​-​8​)​time_bending by 8rolek

8 rolek on bandcamp
Bartek Kujawski has recently been active with releasing his new music under his own name. But he hasn't forgotten his roots as 8rolek which debuted in Mik.Musik.!. label which he proudly represents. Here's a little taste of his comeback in the form of a dl/cd-r ep in an old school DIY style. Each track here is exactly 2 minutes long and each of those 2 minutes are basically pastiche-like etudes of post techno rhythmical minimalism set within the boundaries of looped beats. They are sometimes brain-wrenching with the piercing gallop or trot of snare/bass drum inferno and psychoactive tendency to alter your outlook on how you perceive the beat through some organic link between your organism and how it is affected by pulse of artificial drums. This poignant piece of Bartek's new music makes me think of A.I. and how much it curves the sense of timing these days. The future is now, the future is here. Looped in a diagnostic test of ourselves set in a no time…

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