#void by John Lake

Mik.Musik.!. | 2017 ????
what the hell???
what kind of task do you put yourself in if you feel like dwelving the magma of rhythmically oriented unpredictable gluttony.
Łukasz Dziedzic aka John Lake is a many of a vocational stalker characteristics. He stalks mood swings, he pursuits beats that initially weren't even beats but they turned out to be okeyed and somehow fell through the avalanche of synaptic cross over. He follows liquid plasma of processed sounds to the point where you actually loose the plot whether it's being created or just plainly inhabited by some entity.
Which I guess is a sign of high quality stuff - the landmark of something that wasn't just composed or orchestrated - it's a nature of in-depth immersion.
Immersion is the key here.
Whether it's a flanger treatment or stepping stone rhythmickality Łukasz shows that he knows exactly where is he heading - building the architecture of moods and suspensful down-toned grays and hues.


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