Coh plays Everall

John Everall of Sentrax sadly passed away 3 years ago in 2014. Prolific as a man who both published and composed electronic music left a huge heritage to dig through. COH aka Ivan Pavlov whom we know for his previous release for Hallow Ground who issued his re-issue of "Soisong" delivers a 6 tracks LP - a joyful minimalistic arcade of glittering value.
Imagine Paul Klee images filtered through IDM and post-industrial sensitivity that triggers energy of modular synthesis in electrified verse of poetry. Everything here is like a small probe - a step at a time - not too hastily not too slowly - quite thrifty in dosing the tension which never goes too deep into the fragrance of the arpeggiated beats mix.
COH shows again how versatile he is. Ingenuity which stems from maestry of design and compositional value added fireworks wizardry.
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