"Non​-​Places" by Daniel Barbiero - Cristiano Bocci

Many times while listening to new music I get the feeling that the potential of both musicians in a technical sense of their imaginative power and the material as a composed, finished cubicle in their discography is somewhat wasted over the intellectualised aspect of what they wanted to put out.
But there are definitely albums out there which are beautifully set in the context of what really artists wanted to express.
"Non-places" can be equally classified as an album that has certain improvisational value to it, ambience and space of meditative music idiom that doesn't necessarily bear the typical acquired drone taste.
Both Daniel and Cristiano introduce lyricism through moderate use of their technical skills, balancing instruments, electronical preparations, use of field recording. what strikes me is the timing - sometimes the productions feels more like "live" event but the length of the tracks is perfect.
You also can feel that they are both at ease with what they create. Definitely the quality of an experienced musicians.
If you like jazzy improvised music set in the electronic sauce the likes of Australian Triosk for instance - this is the time!


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