Fischerle - Gmatwacz on Czaszka records

Fischerle strikes again on a cassette released by the mighty Czaszka records.
Strikes quite literally as a precision of the rhythms, squelches and glitches of dub soaked post-techno rhythmic isolationism that we can hear on this cassette is somewhat a chaos theory revisited and put into the reigns of the modular synthesis, field recorded sounds.
Something else strikes here is the background of the electronics that can definitely help you to feel at unease of the fact that it has been worked on not only with precision but a freely arranged compositions where you can feel how much the process of improvisation can help to provide the best results in something shapely perenial.
It's a rare opportunity to deal with something so sounding so fresh and unabridged, unhinged but in a most positive of ways.

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