Hominine parts 1 to 3 by Doc Wör Mirran featuring Stadlmeier / De Waard / Gormley

New album from Doc Woer Mirran with great features from Adrian Gormley, Sascha Stadlmeier, Frans De Waard, Stefan Schweiger, Joseph B. Raimond and Michael Wurzer - a hauntingly evocative piece in three parts.
First part starts with a lead from Adrian and beautiful synth and drone work with object manipulation. A soundtrack fit for any trip, sounds both derangely psychodelic and has a quality of 1960's live electronics - a unit of attentive mutual listening and effortless ( as it seems from listener's perspective ) collective work.
Second part sets course in a similar direction with fuzzy synth electronics and reverbrated voice of the sax. Sounding both very fresh and retro at the same time.
The last part starts with object manipulation, The wall of eerie and haunting electronics blends nicely with sax who is meandering and heavily processed.
The devil here, lies in the details, as you might say when discovering slowly the acidy, whimsical tissue of electronics which is splattered around in different doses, all over these three parts. A well-led three parts where improvisation turns into composition quite easily thanks to experienced musicians and their abillity to  interact with each other.

Adrian Gormley – sax, plastic bottle
Sascha Stadlmeier – samples, bass, ekelele, objects, voice, effects, insert
Frans De Waard – radio, cassettes, electronics
Stefan Schweiger – samples, teramine, percussion
Joseph B. Raimond – guitar, synthesiser, loops, ink drawings
Michael Wurzer – synthesiser
Recorded December 3rd, 2017 at Two Car Garage Studios, Fürth Germany.
All cover art by Joseph B. Raimond from the Hominine series of ink drawings, 2019.
As always, in loving memory of Frank Abendroth and Tom Murphy.
This recording is dedicated to Gary Duncan
This is DWM release # 168
Doc Wör Mirran:
Spitzwiesenstr. 50
90765 Fürth

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