Mulet (px2) by Monte Omok

And another release from Patalax - Monte Omok.
A bit different take on electronics - starts with an abstract, dreamy ambient but moves towards unclassifiable electronica - a haunting phantasm and an intimate ritual that feels like a field recording in a haunted forest dwelt by something strange.
But don't be dismayed by it - the narrative of this piece is very well-arranged - it's done by someone who is well aware of how to use different techniques and use it without being too obvious. A muddled post-techno beat in the second track is a good evidence of the ingenuity - it's both abstract and keeps the whole arrangement in reigns.
Evocative and melancholic track 3 - Oswajanie - is a good example how something of pure depth can be done without being too pompous. What a vibe!
Track 4 - Zapominanie is a clear cut rhythmical deconstructivist window of opportunity for making the message more unobvious.
An intimate soundtrack to anything that might be your take.

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