post homo sapiens by DAVE PHILLIPS

Dave Phillips is coming back with cd released by Attenuation Circuit ( also as a cassette), and what a comeback it is. His work was always both ingenious and individualistic in an every sense of this word, derived from musique concrete, drone, noise and even a bit of post industrial and spoken word of late 1980's - he blends all those idioms in his own amalgam or should we rather say - puts those as a reference for something that could be labelled as ritualistic protest music.
His music was always a manifesto - a decentring punch into a face of anthropocentricsm. Puts into persepective our own approach and the role human species assumes in the whole food chain and biocenosis of the post-modern world.
But Dave's art is far from academia and any sort of uptight form and pretense. It's direct, agressive but not in vulgar way, dissecting the biology of human voice into an utter horror of noise. Surprising and enticing at the same time.
His work is far from the clichees of underground noise - Dave is self-educated and you can hear that - both in terms of composition and the production which is a great showcase of how can you infuse all sorts of experiments from the post WW2nd world of modern music into something really intimate.
Enjoy his work - every time I listen to it - it's both rich and endearing - comes across as a shocking experience - especially in his live action.

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