Dźwięki z Offu by Adam Mańkowski

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Attenuation circuit is one of those small labels that still possess the spirit of true DIY music culture. It's truly open to new faces, there's plenty of enthusiasm involved and foremostly, staying away from the known names it shows great music.
Approaching material by Adam Mańkowski, I tried not to read the liner notes. The idea of paying a tribute to "Na wylot" creator Grzegorz Królikiewicz doesn't necessarily speaks to me as it's very idiosyncratic and hermetic, in other words - quite interesting as a piece of Polish cinema but emotionally leaves me indifferent.
Unlike the music on this cd...
It's very cinematic, very much ambient in an experimental way transposing field recordings into somewhat interesting textures. Great aspect of it is its narrative - the grainy maestry of it pushing the boundaries of not a very easy path of minimalism that can lead to the point where it's just plain old repetitiveness. Adam definitely knows how to do it.
The grey matter of the substancethat is diluted here to the level of an amalgam is the key here. There is no lead, no particular track I could mention that takes a role of a main one. It's better to listen to it as a whole.