enchanted garden by GUIGUISUISUI / EMERGE

Emerge and Guiguisuisui join their forces to showcase some interesting beats, textures in the tracks on both side of this tape.
Guiguisuisui brings back the the type of blend that includes post-industrial goth rock, drone textures, no wave or dark wave influnces with guitars and vocal. It is very theatrical in the most positive sense, dark and brings the best influnces like PTV or Column One to light - haunting narrative of a ritual
Emerge on the other hand (who is Sascha from Attenuation himself by the way) is a non-academic approach to noise/drone music - very individualistic and much of the almost 16 minute track on the cassette reminds me of the luminaries of 80's tape music genre e.g. Brume or even Hands to. Emerge does it is introvertive, minimalistic, rugged way just like the best representatives of expermiental post industrial home made music did it - in his own rhythmical and repetitive way.