Tańce Snu - Meander

Tańce Snu ( The Dances of a Dream) is a duo project of Polish renowned India Czajkowska and Sebastian Madejski, both hard working, talented and versatile artist who meet together to create evocative neoclassical ambient music.
This cd released by Polish label Zoharum helps to understand the live phenomenon of the project.
Usually aided by some befriended musicians Christoph Matyaschek on guitar and Adam Rozenmann on percussive intruments, both vocalists unfold the journey into imaginary terrain.
With help of guitar, keys, zither and percussives it's an ideal soundtrack to anything that stimulates your attention.
The wide range of octaves both vocalists possess, it's grounding and ethereal experience in the most classical of ways. Evolving slowly and persistently it doesn't necessarily puts you into a state of relaxation but helps to stay alert and just plod on.
"Meander" is a versatile material that can be both used as a soundtrack and a document of a live interaction as well as a proof of skillful creation of ambience and well-led interaction between classically trained musicians.