Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter by The Gentleman Losers

Sound in Silence is a little record label which puts out variety of artists - they are diverse when it comes to their artistic output and expression - yet the label can be called profiled as there are many things in common here.
The Gentleman Losers are Samu and Ville Kuukka - brothers based in Helsinki.
They are very active in their own field, composing, remixing and contributing to compilations.

Their new album Make we here our camp of winter is a delicacy of lo-fi, subtle ambient electronica, post-rock. Recorded with a great deal of attention to detail, using both analogue and digital sound sources it brings the best out of what you can do in a minimalistic way.
There is a bit of reflective, pensive mood in this album - intimate melancholy that help to feel the cold sweep of winter and poetry of introspection. One of the most captivating albums in this file I have listened to in a long while.