Wysiadywanie góry by Remek Hanaj

And there he is... Remigiusz Hanaj from the legendary Księżyc is coming back with his new solo album "Wysiadywanie góry - Brooding of the Mountain".
As in the case of "Nagrania terenowe snów" we have a beautiful amalgam of ethnic influences with electronic sauce of experimental preparations and oscillations.
"Wysiadywanie góry" though is much different in many ways.
Right from the start you can hear that is that the theme of it is the voice - and a special kind of tribute that Remek pays to all the artists that play the lead role in this exquisite body of work. We have electronics, acoustic instruments and the actors of the performance - named and unnamed that weave the net of melancholia and psychoactive sound of the past - re-remebered in a new shape.
Through active listening where the contents is as much important as the language itself, the musical language and the linguistic aspect all play a crucial role. But...here comes probably the most unique thing about Hanaj's body of work. It's a rare thing these days that you deal with immersing yourself not only in the genuine discovery (a feeling that haunts me whenever I come back to his music) but also a Nietzschean plunge into art as a form of redemption and cultivating the religion of beauty. And to add to this - the listener might feel as if surrounded by things unknown, things that might sound exotic and unknown but yet the primary element of discovering the beauty, condescending and overwhelming beauty and uniqueness brings us to the verge of this layer of our intimate and wholly human domain that feels both private and part of something larger. I rarely have feelings like this with most of the experimental music or music in general these days. Thank you,  Remek!

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