Continuum by Synapsis

Synapsis, beautifully put out by Noctivagant Collective, came to me as a surprise but not in a way I was surprised by its contents. It's rare that the expectations are fullfiled by the actual contents. In this case I knew exactly what to expect and I got it.
Strong and deep afilliations with post-industrial music and ambient, field recording, error music and electronic soundtracks make this piece quite self-referential and conservative in a way. But this isn't a disadvantage at all. It has very well produced basis and strong personalities onboard that know exactly where it is all heading.
There is a strong melancholy in these tracks especially - New White Synthesis which affiliaties gently with dystopian worlds of sci-fi. And has the best meditative atmosphere ever since the best of Drone records singles of the Alio Die, Contrastate likes. The other reference would be probably Asmus Tietchens.
Plunge deep into solemn word of no-return. 
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