Patrick Ascione "Figures de son"


Patrick Ascione (1953-2014) is getting his new posthumous release. 

A true master of electroacoustic musique concrete is unfolding truly refreshing and unusually adventureous narrative on display. 

His idea of spatial polyphony as he used to call it gives you an insight into what it was to mould and blend so many counterpoints into a densely punctured storyline of his works - an interesting set of pieces with its own rhythm and reason.

A narrative is something that is overused, abused and de-constructed in a masterful way - be it processed concrete sounds or voiceover - it will always be a point of positive friction with how you can cope it as a listener and how it leaves an impression on you.

Ascione experimented with beatmaking and plunderphony in his own way. It's a good way to remember him trying to dwelve on this goldmine of ideas and aspects and details and vibes...



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