A Collection of Tunes to Dance to by Bartosz Weber

Bartosz Weber is a Poland-born artists of so many facets - it's difficult to label what he does. A guitar player swirling around in a limbo of psychodelia, funk and experimental pastiche, a post-techno producer with a swing towards idm or other niche sub-genres.
Remembering his humble beginnings as Baaba where electronic multi faceted post-dance music had so much in common with glitchy boom for electronics which were based on DIY home studio production ethos with 90's emerging labels such as Ninja Tune, Warp, Morr Music and many others.
Weber is presenting soulful electronica which has an imprint of an overexposed musicianship but put in such a great form that there is no unnecessary sound here. It all fits into the jigsaw of childlike naivete play with the edge of great production and tasteful use of sampling and synth work.
It can both fill the need to dance and chill. The utility music of great quality and unobtrusive musicianship.


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