Heterogeneous Cell Information by HANS CASTRUP

Hans Castrup has made an impossible album.
Trespassing the hidden minimalism of improvised music rooted deep down both in 1960's minimal music experimentation (Terry Riley, La Monte Young, The Dream Syndicate), psychodelic art experimentalism of 1970's and post-industrial 1980's tape music tuned to the likes of If, Bwana, Brume and many others, he took all those tiny elements and welded an amalgam of a gem.
Helped in all this by Carla Worgull in overtone singing and strings he created a magical mystery tour of a spirit that is both elusive and striking with the great production.
Aided with manic pixie diva - Carla, he uses all sorts of means to convey an illustrative and highly dramatic happenstance of events - the soundtrack to a trip breaking through a narrow verges of the senses.
A truly rare experience.