There Is A Home by Cæcilie Overgaard

3 years after her debut, Cæcilie is coming with new album where "home" is a concept with the whole panorama of field recorded sounds, trumpet, soundscapes, the ambience of intimacy.
It's a beautiful piece of music where you actually might feel the coziness, melancholy and balance between what's inward and outward.
The harmonious density of droney ambient filtered through the sensitivity of glitch/idm young artists done with essential knowledge of the last 20 years of electronic music and beyond.
It is one of those works where you are being drawn to the filigree of the sound poetry just as in case of Japanese Sawako but here you can definitely feel more nordic wave of chill.
Not being stereotypical about it but you certainly can feel that in the way the layers of the sound is composed and how it interacts with you if you look through the lens of psychogeography.
The small gate to intimate responce on how the perception of your home might change when you apply different modes of judgement of all the sounds that surround you.



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