Stephanie Pan - Have robot, will travel

Most of the times when we think of pop as a genre that can deliver some visionary artistic vision - it's rather difficult to find good examples of it.
Stephanie Pan with her pulsating backgrounds, a warm and haunting voice, sometimes reciting the lyrics in narrative tone and vision of using processed sounds which are both quite difficult to identify but blend beautifully with melody and the rhythm is a refreshing voice in art-pop file.
You define success according to different cryteria. You might be feeling that the facets you are trying to be in rather than achieve through effort might be more transparent and vivid, they speak to your imagination.
Stephanie is doing it effortlessly without unnecessarily pushing wrong buttons.
The plunge is deep but the fact that she blends so many different aspects is really inspiring.
Put this beautiful album close to AGF, Tujiko Noriko, 4AD projects, Malka Spigel and many other inspiring women.