Imaginary Friends I by Abby Lee Tee

The joys of discovering new artists commences always when you come across some friendly label that releases artists just out of pure exploratory joy and not necessarily figuring out how does it belong to a specific genre or file.
Czaszka records is one of those labels. A cross referential Polish Scottish background just adds to the fact that it might put out releases that might be both interesting and somewhat difficult to define is just an asset you can't defy.
As any other artists that they release - there is no outlet that there wouldn't be a mental design fit to be accomplished - it's both mind boggling and exploratory both as an artistic statement but also for a listener involved.
Abby Lee Tee is an Austrian sound artist who explores the soundtracks of every day life - down to the fantasy of life imagined within the reach of your palm but also the imaginary life of the sounds that traverse somewhere between the real world of our daily chores and the imagination of a childlike creativity where everything has its own nature, sense and rhythm. Remember that?
It was before AI, before the whole creative output of imagination was laid out and imagined for us already.
There are field recordings here, preparations, stories of squeaking toys, bells, windchimes, clapping and so on. What's more important is the aspect of the pursuit. A childlike but somewhat towards intimacy which is quite rare in experimental music.