Kuhzunft - Achim Zepezauer - Slotmachine

A slotmachine concept of permutation in the actual process. Achim who is the man behind the idea gives us a white knuckle ride through moods, mods, tweaks, genres and concepts by giving us to choose from the artists so diverse that I will put the actual track listing
01. COWSHED NECK RUPTURE - Simon Whetham (field recordings) / Achim Zepezauer
(electronics) / Jérôme Noetinger (tape machine)
02. PURO ENTERREMENT BAROCK - Pablo Paredes (keyboards) / Jérôme Noetinger (tape
machine) / Serge Corteyn (guitar)
03. PEARLEAF PLOFF COLORIDA - Richard Lerman (piezo+hydrophone) / Jaap Blonk
(voice) / Pablo Paredes (keyboards)
04. CHICAGO GLYSOPHAT CHEEKS - Michael Vatcher (drums) / Pablo Paredes
(keyboards) / Jaap Blonk (voice)
05. LOVING COFFEE-CHIRPS INVASION - Achim Zepezauer (acoustics) / Simon
Whetham (field recordings) / Jérôme Noetinger (tape machine)
06. DROP-IN TURBULENCES PLACED - Gailė Griciūtė (prepared piano) / Jérôme
Noetinger (tape machine) / Achim Zepezauer (drum computer)
07. DUSTY STRINGS MATERIALIZE - Michael Vatcher (drums) / Marta Zapparoli (radio
waves) / Gailė Griciūtė (prepared piano)
08. HIGH TOKYO-BRIDGE ROAD - John Chantler (modular synth) / Richard Lerman
(piezo+hydrophone) / Achim Zepezauer (electronics)
09. OH MELODICA COME - Jaap Blonk (voice) / Seán Mac Erlaine (woodwinds) / Gailė
Griciūtė (prepared piano)
10. NACKT DRIVING JOY - Achim Zepezauer (electronics, acoustics, drum computer)
11. RAIN PIPE LOVE-STORY - Marta Zapproli (radio waves) / Simon Whetham (field
recordings) / Pablo Paredes (keyboards)
12. WEIRD PTK MACHINES - Achim Zepezauer (acoustics) / Jaap Blonk (voice) / Simon
Whetham (field recordings)
13. WHEEZYCHORDS INSTEAD TRIOLEDAD - Seán Mac Erlaine (woodwinds) / Achim
Zepezauer (drum computer) / Pablo Paredes (keyboards)
14. LUCKY GODLY MANTRA - Achim Zepezauer (electronics, acoustics, drum computer)
15. OADHARC PULSE ZAPPING - Seán Mac Erlaine (woodwinds) / John Chantler (modular
synth) / Achim Zepezauer (electronics)
16. HOPPLA DRUM SCHLEPP - Serge Corteyn (guitar) / John Chantler (modular synth) /
Achim Zepezauer (acoustics)
17. LONG HOGHORN COMMERCIALS - Michael Vatcher (drums) / Seán Mac Erlaine
(woodwinds) / Jaap Blonk (voice)
18. TUPIANTRAUMSÄNGER START PFUI - Seán Mac Erlaine (woodwinds) / Serge Corteyn
(guitar) / Achim Zepezauer (drum computer)
19. RAW WOMEN EMERGE - Michael Vatcher (drums) / Rhodri Davies (harp) / Gailė
Griciūtė (prepared piano)
20. ANCIENT COMPASS-NEEDLE CARILLION - Serge Corteyn (guitar) / Richard Lerman
(piezo+hydrophone) / Marta Zapparoli (radio waves)
21. DEFORMELODY BIRDSURF AIRE - Marta Zapparoli (radio waves) / Richard Lerman
(piezo+hydrophone) / Pablo Paredes (keyboards)
22. EVERYTHING CLARINET SNOW - Rhodri Davies (harp) / Seán Mac Erlaine
(woodwinds) / Richard Lerman (piezo+hydrophone)
23. META UP MOURNING - Michael Vatcher (drums) / Rhodri Davies (harp) / Achim
Zepezauer (electronics)
24. BELLS INVOLVED CONTACT - John Chantler (modular synth) / Rhodri Davies (harp) /
Jérôme Noetinger (tape machine)
25. DEADLINE PLANING PORT - Rhodri Davies (harp) / Marta Zapparoli (radio waves) /
Simon Whetham (field recordings)
26. RUNNING TAPE-DELAY ACCENT - Rhodri Davies (harp) / Richard Lerman (piezo
+hydrophone) / John Chantler (modular synth)
27. RECUR PATTERN ENTHUSIAST - Gailė Griciūtė (prepared piano) / John Chantler
(modular synth) / Michael Vatcher (drums)
28. GHOSTLY FIREWORKS SCRATCH - Achim Zepezauer (acoustics) / Marta Zapparoli
(radio waves) / Jérôme Noetinger (tape machine)
29. HIMMEL CUSHION ROOM - Achim Zepezauer (drum computer) / Serge Corteyn
(guitar) / Simon Whetham (field recordings)
30. CRY COME-OUT FLYING - Serge Corteyn (guitar) / Gailė Griciūtė (prepared piano) /
Jaap Blonk (voice)

It feels like a slotmachine itself but since the conceptual nature of this work is highlighted - the actual modus operandi is our own choice and the attentive process of listening - it pushes the listener to either shrug it off, skim it or scan-listen for the most interesting pieces. Fortunately the choice is not so easy which means that you need to listen couple of times.
It's also great because the 30 track compilation(?) is a reference material of different aspects of the ever-flowing, ever-changing currents and undercurrents of modern composition trends with flips and flops. And quite non-challantly combined into an interesting piece.