DAVID FENECH & KLIMPEREI Rainbow de Nuit LP Marionette M15


Can you imagine an excellent melodist such as Klimperei belnding worlds together with David Fenech where the outsider music and jazz and folksy madrigals are moved slightly by distant electronics and make an excellent soundtrack to a puppet show that doesn't exist? Well, look no further... "Rainbow de Nuit" is a great example of it. 
The instrumental aspect of it is a completely different story - music boxesand walkie-talkies down to plastic straws, plucking various stringed instruments such as the charrango and banjo, kazoos and snake-charmer ocarina and flutes, all the way through the sweet accordion and melodica, found and traditionally tuned percussion.
It's a dazzling theatre of comedy and tragedy. Sensitive to the resonance between sometimes a bit limited range of the instruments used but full of frolicky sense of humour and grime macabre in the background. 


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